Introducing Triple Moon Games


This is my first post and my first step into publishing 5e products using the OGL. I have thought about this for a long while and have finally decided to take the plunge and do something I love, creating games and stories for roleplaying games. I hope through this blog, to build an audience and collect feedback on the creative process, and eventually ( I don’t have a time frame for my first release.) publish content for the 5e game.

candlebookInitially I had planned to release products for the Dungeon Master’s Guild. There are a lot of reasons this would have worked quite well for me, and I even started to create an adventure to publish on the DMG. However, despite how many advantages this would have given me, there were a few drawbacks that kept me from doing what I really wanted.

The biggest for me was the lack of ability to keep the rights to any material produced for the Guild. Anything published there can be used by anyone on the Guild (including WotC) and technically no longer belongs to the creator. I’m pretty possessive about my material and the idea that someone else could use it without my blessing didn’t really sit well with me.

The second big drawback for me were the limitations in regards to setting. As of this post only Forgotten Realms and Ravenloft can be used for DMG products. I thought I could get around this by writing “setting neutral” material (which IS allowed) The work on the adventure I was producing felt somehow hollow. It wouldn’t have been a bad product, but the lack of setting outside the immediate area of the adventure made it fall flat for me. I wanted to be genuine to myself, and my craft. I just couldn’t do that by playing in someone else’s sandbox.


So because of this I have thought long and hard about how I wished to proceed. In the end I have decided to do my own thing, using the OGL and similar licenses to create roleplaying products. To this end I have created Triple Moon Games, as a vehicle to create my work. I hope others will enjoy things I will be creating, It will undoubtedly be more work than I could even anticipate, but I hope in the long run, worth it.

I understand this site is pretty bare bones at the moment, but stay tuned. The best is yet to come..