The Veyrn Campaign Setting

What is Veyrn?

Pronounced (Vair-in), Veyrn is my campaign setting for 5th edition. It is the setting I’ve used for my home campaign for the last several years, and is being revised and expanded. My goal is to have a fully fleshed out world that any game master can use to run adventures. It will allow for a variety of story types, from classic adventure, to wilderness survival, even horror.

quill-and-ink-11What will be shared on this site will be bits and pieces of the design process as I go about fleshing out this world and creating a book for eventual release. This will not be a completely open design process, but I welcome any and all constructive feedback and comments regarding this or any other projects.

Design Goals

Below is a list of design goals, we will be referencing this during the creation process. These are the standards by which will be judging ourselves on. Much of it can be summed up as “Story first, rules second.” This list can also be found the “About” page of this website.

  • Create a vivid detailed world, with many interwoven cultures and history.
    • Use real world myths and legends blended into classic fantasy. The idea being to create something familiar, yet undoubtedly fantasy.
    • Draws inspiration from history, and its conflicts.
    • Every culture should provide numerous characters ideas and provide options for various character types.
  • A story hook on every page.
    • Each section of the text should spur the imagination, giving inspiration for players and game masters alike.
  • Encourage Roleplaying
    • Provide resources for building backgrounds appropriate for Veyrn, that help build interesting and unique characters.
  • The book should be as fun to read as it is to play.
    • Include stories and fluff, peppered throughout the book to give context and insights into the myths, cultures, history, and religions of the various peoples of Veyrn.

Our hope is to create something that engages the imagination, and makes me say “Damn I need to play that!”