RPGs & Creative Integrity

I had a talk with a friend this afternoon, about RPGs and the projects I’m working on. The concept of creative integrity game up. This concept is basically staying true to yourself and your creative goals despite the influences of others.

Creative people of all types I feel face pressure from others to create works based on what people think will sell, and what they feel people want. While there is some merit in taking business trends into account when create something, I feel that it should never be a primary consideration.

This topic came up when I told him about an experience I had on one of several RPG creator groups I am member of. Now I haven’t published anything yet, and am still new to this endeavor. I had expressed my love for RPGs that are almost as much fun to read as they are to play. Games like Vampire: The Masquerade, and Changeling: The Lost immediately came to mind. Games with depth to their stories, and presented like works of fiction with rules to bring those stories to life. In response to this statement I was immediately told “Your readers don’t want that.”

As I said I haven’t released any RPG material as of yet, so I didn’t have any readers. My preferences were rejected by this person and a few others because those aren’t the kinds of products trending currently in the 5e community. So what do I have to say to that?

Honestly? “Fuck you, random internet stranger.” I promise to stay true to what I love, and the types of games I enjoy. My primary goals are not to make money. I’m not under some delusion that I can amass riches and fortune from this endeavor. I’ll honestly be happy and content if I break even. I will not alter my aspirations based on what others think I should make, or what popular trends are currently at the top of any charts. I will stay true to myself, and create products I like, that would enjoy playing. Whatever I create will be born out of love for the game, and a desire to brings the worlds and stories in my head to life.

That is the only promise I can make.