Building a World #2

Creating the Map: Part Two

When we left off with our world map we had a nice group of continents, with some oceans and some decent looking coastlines. Our next step is to add some major geographical features that will help give the world more definition and provide natural barriers and obstacles to over come. I will say this up front, we are not geologists, we know rivers run downhill, and basic things like that. We are trying to create an interesting map, not a 100% scientifically accurate one.


Step Four: Adding mountains and forests.

So I added several mountain ranges and forests, some of these will serve as major plot points and points of importance to the setting.

It’s worth noting that this is meant to be a world map, a general overview of the continents, in time each country and kingdom will get a significantly more detailed regional map, with much more than I can reasonably fit into a map of this scale.

I understand it may be difficult to get a good look of what the features look like from this


A closer view of the north eastern section of the main continent.

small an image. Here is a closer view of one of the areas, so that you can get a better idea of what the map really looks like upon closer inspection.

With the terrain features in place you can get a better idea of what Veyrn looks like.

This map is mostly complete. It just needs some cities, villages, and names to round it out. Most of the settlements wont make it onto a map of this scale, they will be more apparent on the aforementioned regional maps. I did add a few however, primarily major cities


Step Five: Adding cities, towns and country names.

and settlements, that will be detailed in the setting book.

I will add additional details in the future, things like names of the seas, oceans, and mountain ranges. This gives me a good starting point to get to the more interesting stuff, such as the inhabitants of this strange new world.