So. Many. Hats. & Whats Next?

The Many Roles of a Game Master

Any game master or storyteller with any experience is well aware of the many roles they must fill when running a campaign in 5e or any RPG. Writer, Storyteller, Actor, Referee, Cat-Wrangler. To run a game that is fun, engaging, and fair, can be a difficult challenge. A GM wears many hats, and most the skills, techniques, and practices carry over when creating original content for any RPG.

Moar Hats!!

When branching out into creating your own content you discover many new roles and challenges. I am finding so many new hats, I think it might be advantageous to grow an extra head or two. In addition to the roles above, I know have to be a manager, editor (at least for the first drafts, another set of eyes will do the actual editing.), and Cartographer. I must also be in charge of commissioning artwork, or find suitable stock art or art in the public domain. I have to juggle all these roles and still find time to actually craft lore, and create content for the projects before me. So Much to do.

The Next Step

Obviously I have much work to do, and I’ve been having a problem with what to work on next. I have a lot of great ideas, but I’ve been feeling a little scattered, and just need to narrow my focus a bit. Get one thing done at a time, and start checking off the boxes on my to do list.

Over the next couple months I will start reaching out to other writers, and artists. People I know, respect, and trust to help me bring my vision to life. I could do this alone, but if I want it done in a relatively reasonable time frame. I’m gonna need help.

If you are interested in helping out, please feel free to reach out to me on Facebook or via email at

Stay tuned for more updates!