Deities vs. Faiths

As I continue to build the world of Veyrn, I’ve been giving a great deal of thought to the religious belief and practices of the various cultures of my world. There are many campaign settings out there and nearly all of them have their own pantheon of gods. Much of the time you see them with brief descriptions usually with domains, alignments, and powers associated with them and their followers. Rarely do you see much detail given to what their followers believe or much in the way of practices or beliefs, unless that detail is relevant to a particular adventure or supplement.

When creating Veyrn I’ve been not only thinking of who the Gods are, and what they are associated with, by why they are worshiped, how that faith evolved and how their followers honor or revere the Gods.

I will include the usually material for Deities in an rpg guidebook. I will have symbolism, that they associated with, and everything needed mechanically to build a follower of that faith. I will also include information of the beliefs, rituals, and practices of those followers, along with major religious festivals and “holy” days.

One thing I AM actively avoiding is alignments as applied to the Gods. There will not be “good” or “evil” deities. Though some may be considered such by the people of the world. Such black and white morality in my mind is far below the notice of divine forces. Such polarization won’t exist within the deities themselves, though it may be imposed by their followers of the followers of other gods.

I will give some examples of some of the kind of things I’m working on over the next few weeks. I hope you enjoy it.