Nations of Veyrn pt. 1

There are many nations scattered about the continent. Each of them has their own culture, history, and beliefs. Below is a quick summary of the nations. Keep in mind these are all works in progress and nothing is final, and thus subject to change.

In no particular Order…


In the great plains of the west, rests the once great empire of Halqu. Deemed the oldest human nation in Veyrn. It once spread across the entire continent, and held sway over all of humanity. However a series of revolts, wars, and uprisings have drastically reduced their strength and influence. Halqu is now a fraction of what it once was, a nation in it’s final death throes.

The Halqans are a proud people, with a strong sense of honor. They are also to have a particularly stubborn streak, and the state of their homeland causes deep seated frustrations which lead them to have short, and sometimes violent tempers.


The northeastern lands of Veyrn is home to the fledgling Eizen empire. Once subjugated under the rule of Halqu, it has since overthrow their rule and taken great pains in returning to “the old ways” of their people. The path to this liberation is thanks to Zayre’s rebellion against Halqu.

The people of Eizen tend to be cynical and fatalistic, a reflection of their following of  the goddess Venkria, The Dark Mother. Their warlike nature, and superstitious beliefs has often led them to conflict with neighboring peoples. Despite that they are known as a fair and just people, the laws are few and are enforced swiftly.


The Kingdom of Zayre is likely the most successful and prosperous nation in Veyrn. The region it inhabits is blessed with abundant natural resources, and its rulers have lead them fairly if not a bit too strict. Zayre was once part of Halqu, and their revolt against the Empire, was the biggest factor in its downfall.

The people of Zayre are hardworking and honest, and generally slow to anger. They put a great deal of faith in the God Algorand, and this devotion often borders on zealotry.


Nestled in a river valley between the nations of Zayre and Eizen the halflings of Barsa do their best to remain neutral. The people of Barsa get nearly everything they need from the banks of the great rivers that crisscross their small nation. They tend to be oblivous to greater world politics, and barely noticed the rule of the Halqan’s that once claimed their lands for their own. Even the youngest Barsan is said to have some skill at sailing.

Barsans tend to be an open and honest people, and welcoming to outsiders. Those that might look down on the small folk sometimes consider them naive, foolish or flighty.


A proud warrior race. The people of Karsh (The Karei ) once had a great nation. They were the first victims of the Halqan campaign, and despite their long history of cooperation they were assaulted mercilessly, and after many long years of war the Karei fell, scattering across the continent. They will a skilled and intelligent people, and are said to have taught writing to early Halqan peoples.

Derisively called “hobgoblins” by their detractors, the situation of their people has led them to become antisocial and aggressive. Their work as mercenaries has taught them to be tenacious and  they keep to a strict code of honor unmatched by other peoples.


The scholars of Dulcand consider the dwarves of Thangnor to be the oldest race on  Veyrn, and bits of their culture, and architecture can be found on every corner of the world. Now residing deep within the Harradim Mountains they have a long history of being dragged into conflicts with the Halqu and other peoples. They have since decline getting involved in world affairs, instead focusing their energy on the welfare of their own people.

None are more hardworking than the people of Thangnor, and each takes a great deal of pride in their work no matter how mundane the task might be. As a people they are somewhat rigid in their beliefs, and have a tendency to be somewhat polarized in their outlook on many issues.

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