Map of the Week #1

The Woodsman’s Cottage

WoodsmansCottagePLAYERThe first map in my series of free maps is the Woodman’s Cottage. A small home nestled in the woods, and easy to drop into any forested region in your campaign.

As the home of an NPC it could serve as a source of a plot hook or the site of a mystery to uncover. Perhaps the cottage is abandoned, its occupant dead or missing. The choice is yours with this map. I hope you enjoy it, and look forward to releasing more maps like this in the future.

For the full sized map click HERE. Just right click the image and click “save image as..”

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    • That is actually something I was going back and forth about. It is certainly something I can do. I will try to have a “player friendly” version available tonight or tomorrow at the latest.

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