Death of Winter

Current Project

So the last few weeks my work schedule has had me up earlier than usual. I work a “flexible schedule” [sic] and my hours typically changed from week to week. Lately however they’ve been very consistent. This isn’t an inherently bad thing, but the early morning shifts have altered my sleep schedule so that I have been up early every morning (typically between 3 and 4am) With the extra time in the morning I started to write an adventure module.

Library_Dark_Scene_v01This adventure has so far been penned entirely by hand, and as of this writing has just topped 110 pages in a standard composition book, including sketches of maps (which I will recreate in full color), and countless notes penned into the margins. The adventure is tentatively titled “Death of Winter” In a nutshell the story is about a small village stricken by a disease and the struggle to discover the source and find the cure. I haven’t been this engaged in a single project in ages, and am very pleased with some of the surprises I’ve come up with.

The adventure is set in my setting of Veyrn, but the setting elements have been toned down so that it could very easily be adapted to any setting. It contains a strong emphasis on roleplaying and exploration, but contains enough combat to keep a dedicated fighter entertained. Things the characters do or don’t do will have consequences throughout the story, and will force the players to make some very difficult choices. I hope that GMs and Players enjoy it as much I have enjoyed writing it.

When do we get to see it?

I’m still working on completing the rough draft, but am in the final stretch. Being written by hand I will be typing it up and revising it as I go. The second draft of the writing should be complete in a few weeks. After that I must go through my sketches and create all the maps I will need to accompany this tale. Once all the needed material is written and created, I will put together a working copy of it for playtest purposes. All in All it will still be a couple months until the project is ready for others to see, though I may share it with some trusted friends for initial feedback. It may not be pretty but it will be functional.

Playtesters Needed…Eventually!

I do plan to playtest this adventure as much as possible, both by myself and through  other interested parties, I need more people to gauge difficulty, clear up any confusion, and otherwise make this product the best it can be. This will be my first published work and as such I want it to be the best I can be. I will be posting more information at a later date if any of you are interested in participating, along with more information on my expectations, what I hope to get out of the play test process.

That’s all I have for now, I’ll share more as I progress!



Map of the Week #8

Regional Map #1


Free for Personal Use.

Still waiting on the poll results for my next dungeon map (though looks like its going to be a “spooky graveyard”) so I thought I’d do something different for this week’s map. So I present to you a small regional map I put together. It would make for a great starting point for a new campaign or just a new area for experienced characters to enjoy.

This map, along with the rest can be found Here.

I hope you enjoy it!

Map of The Week #7

FalWrightInnAD“Come sit by the hearth and enjoy a mug of the finest beer ever to pass your lips. The fire is warm, food is hot, and there is plenty of drink to go around. All this at very reasonable prices, and if I must say the finest hospitality in the kingdom. Now rest your feet and tell me what troubles the mind of one so brave. Monsters? Bandits with callous hearts? Perhaps the spurned affections of an unrequited love. No, don’t tell me yet, pull of a chair by the fire, let me fetch you a mug of ale. Then you can tell me all about. I assure you when you are done, your worries shall trouble you no longer!”

The Falwright Inn


GM & Player Versions Available

The Falwright Inn (pun intended), is the latest free map offering by Triple Moon Games. This Map includes a small 2 floor Inn, a cozy place for your brave party of adventurers to rest their heads or plan their next move. It also makes a fine mug of ale and the best waffles this side of the River Styx!

As usual I have both a player and a game master version of this map available, you can get these maps HERE free for personal use.


Map of the Week #6

ChurchAD“Why should I care what you or the gods care about my choices. My will is my own and I will not be swayed by your protests.” He looked at the priestess, her expression never faltering. 

“My child I do not ask more of you than you should ask of yourself. Who but the gods can know what resides within your heart. You should not be too hasty in your actions. What good will vengeance bring, that forgiveness cannot do better?” She looked so calm and at peace, the flowing white and gold of her robe, and long dark hair, made her look more than human. She seemed almost divine herself, an angelic being. So secure in her faith and sheltered by the love of the gods.

She watched him as he considered her words. He looked back at her and smiled. “I guess we shall see.” He plunged the dagger deep into her chest, the white silk of her robed dyed by the deep crimson of her blood. “May the gods forgive my sins.”

The Church

This weeks map is a large church or temple. It was actually inspired by an actual church in a city near me, and was sketched out by my fiance so that I could turn it into a map. As always I’ve posted both player and game master versions of the map.

Both of these can be found HERE.

Adulting is Hard / New Project

Somebody has a case of the Mondays

So as you’ve probably already noticed there was no new map this week. My work schedule has had me working many early shifts which have decreased the time I’ve been free to work on my maps. I do plan to resume posting them next Monday, so check back here then, for my next free map.

Project Update

As you’ve likely seen on this website I’ve been working on a campaign setting for 5e called Veyrn. This project is still in the works, though I’ve realized how large the project really is, and am considering breaking it into smaller chunks based in the various regions of the world. This will likely just be for play test purposes. The first of these is tentatively titled “The Millennial Kingdom” and will be focused on the nation of Zayre. Zayre is a human dominated nation in the center of the continent of Reghal, and contains more of the traditional fantasy elements one would expect with 5e, with a few surprises. It will contain new maps, lore, backgrounds, domains, a new race, monsters and other goodies to sink your teeth into.

New Adventure

My frequent early shifts at work has altered my sleep schedule, and currently I’m awake by 3 or 4am, whether I like it or not. This has given me a little time in the morning to write. I dusted off a composition book and went old school, plotting it out entirely by hand. Little by little its been coming along, and I’m currently up to about 40 handwritten pages (likely less when typed and formatted)., and only about 1/4 of the way through the adventure.

The adventure is set in the kingdom of Zayre and tentatively called The Death of Winter. Based in and around the village of Dynesdale. It is written for 1st level characters, and focuses heavily on roleplaying and exploration. Given the plan to focus the first major playtest release on the setting of this adventure it will likely replace Secret of the Misty Vale as my my first official release, preceding the setting material itself. While set in Veyrn, I am intentionally limiting some of the more setting specific content so that it can be run in most any setting with very little work. Stay tuned for more updates as this project progresses.

Thank You!

I wanted to take a moment to thank everyone who has seen and enjoyed my maps. My maps have been well received and I hope all those who have downloaded and used them found them to be a great addition to their games. So thank you all, I wouldn’t be here without you!

Map of the Week #5

TheButchersDungeonAD“He woke in agony, his skull ached and pulse pounded in his veins. Looking around he saw only darkness. The air was foul with the scent of rot and death. Jumping to his feet he feverishly ran his hands along the wall, looking for a means to escape. He found a doorknob was it was locked tight. Pounding his fist against the door, he screamed for help. The only reply was the sound of a rusty blade running down the wall. Drawing closer and closer, he froze there was no escape from the Butcher….”

The Butcher’s Dungeon

A delightful romp into an underground chamber that is host to who knows how many untold horrors! Yours now! Find it HERE!

Map of the Week #4

week4adThis week’s map is the Goblin Nest. This small dungeon is perfectly suited for a small group of goblins, a gang of bandits, or other such threats. Grab a torch and head on in, you never know what you’ll find within.

As always this map is available with two versions a player map, devoid of any numbers or labels, and the gamemaster map, with numbers and sections to fill in any needed details.

The map along with all the other Maps of the Week can be found HERE.

Map of the Week #3

The Farmhouse

FarmhouseBarnADThis weeks map is a small farmhouse. Ready for a small family of diabolical peasants or other such miscreants or perhaps a nice wholesome family devoid of any evil or ill intent to your party of brave adventurers.

The GM and Player maps can be found HERE.


I’ve been working on some improvements to the maps, particularly the text boxes. Right now they are just plain transparent boxes where GMs can input their own information to suit their needs. I’m working on improving these by added parchment boxes I’ve made in GIMP. I was hoping to have this update ready for this week, but the holiday has taken up some free time. This new update should be applied to my next map, and if well received, added to all of them going forward.


Parchment Text Box Sample

Feedback Welcome

As always I welcome any feedback or suggestions on this map or any I have created. Are their features you’d like to see? Specific formats? Particular maps of locations you’d like to see or think would come in handy? Please let me know! I take feedback well, and want to make maps people actually can use. You input will help me to improve future content.

Map of the Week #2

The Royal Tomb

Royal TombAD

Free for non-commercial use!

The second map released today is the Royal Tomb. The Tomb is a single level dungeon with 12 distinct areas. In include a couple secret passages and the location of a few traps. It is ready for adventure. What dangers lurk within? You decide, with 2 full color maps. One for the player, and one for the game master. Ready for customization with any image editor, just add some details and get ready for some adventure with this free map!

For the full sized maps click HERE. Just right click the desired image and click “save image as..”

The Goblins of Veyrn

Knives in the Dark

Blix2Of all the creatures in fantasy gaming, goblins are one of the most common and most used creatures. Rare is the character that has not had to battle these small, evil creatures at some point in their career. They exist in most settings, and rare is the game that does not make use of them in some way.

Veyrn will naturally have goblins, they exist as one of the most prominent creatures that a character may encounter, and they will have an interesting and unique history, and background, but before I get into some of that I’d like to make a few distinctions between my goblins, and those most common to most worlds.

Goblins are NOT comic relief

Goblins in most worlds are well, stupid. They have low intelligence scores, and this is often used to provide comic relief. Combined with their generally lack of threat (though even the weakest creature can be powerful under the right circumstances.) they are often depicted and being evil to the point of ridiculousness. They are dangerous to the unprepared, but not often a serious threat to the average character, sometimes even bumbling and cowardly toward those stronger than them.

Goblins in Veyrn, will not be more physically imposing that standard 5e goblins, but they will be a great deal smarter. I would state them as having a cruel intelligence, a cunning that allows them to think outside the box, coupled with a low wisdom that keeps them from holding back, even when a situation might warrant caution. Rarely will they attack without a strategy, and often have several escape routes planned. The people of Veyrn treat them not as weak creatures who sometimes cause trouble, but a more serious threat. In Veyrn they are a force to be feared. This change is tied to their origins, which I will discuss next.

Legions of the Archfey

The goblins are not native creatures to Veyrn, though they have been there long enough to have found their own niche. They have survived and flourished by taking what they need, and brutally killing those in their way.

The Althuwatha [High Elves] tell of their origins. The small vicious creatures made up the bulk of the armies of the Archfey. They were the favored troops of these beings, employing them on many campaigns, until they, along with the elves were abandoned, and left to their fates. Without their Fae masters to rein them in the task fell to the elves, who struggled with the task. Eventually the goblins broke free of even their control, and continue to wreak havoc wherever they go. They are smart enough to avoid large settlements, but smaller towns and villages are often considered easy targets.

Lurkers in the Dark


Blix from Legend (1985), Universal Pictures

Goblins prefer to hide in the shadows, and make their homes in the caves, holes, and other places untouched by the light of day. They are not hindered by the sun, but prefer a nocturnal existence, as it the concealment the night provides is advantageous to them.


Without Number

Aware of their physical limitations, when possible the goblins will attempt to use strategy and tactics that emphasize one of their biggest advantages. Goblins breed quickly, far faster that any other intelligent race on Veyrn, this allows them to replace their lost warriors quickly, they will creep from the cracks and crevices of the earth, assault in considerable numbers, then disappear. Villages near known goblin settlements must keep careful watch, often hiding behind walls or palisades for safety. They seldom stray beyond these wall in cover of night. Those who do are often never heard from again.