Mission Statement

Design Goals and Mission Statement

  • Create a vivid detailed world, with many interwoven cultures and history.
    • Use real world myths and legends blended into classic fantasy. The idea being to create something familiar, yet undoubtedly fantasy.
    • Draws inspiration from history, and its conflicts.
    • Every culture should provide numerous characters ideas and provide options for various character types.
  • A story hook on every page.
    • Each section of the text should spur the imagination, giving inspiration for players and game masters alike.
  • Encourage Roleplaying
    • Provide resources for building backgrounds appropriate for Veyrn, that help build interesting and unique characters.
  • The book should be as fun to read as it is to play.
    • Include stories and fluff, peppered throughout the book to give context and insights into the myths, cultures, history, and religions of the various peoples.