Veyrn Campaign Setting

Veyrn Campaign Setting

What is it?

The Veyrn campaign setting will be released as a series of guidebooks. Each book will depict an entire nation and associated cultures. They will contain all the races, , cultures, classes, and history of the world. In addition each will include new backgrounds, spells, and creatures that make of that particular nation.

Book One: The Millennial Kingdom

Sample Cover

The first book in the series will detail the nation of Zayre. Located in the heart of the continent. Born through an act of betrayal, this nation forged itself from a people subjugated to the will of a cruel emperor, into a bastion of wealth and power.

It is a land where peasants work their fields, while nobles plot and scheme. Brave knights battle fierce creatures, and mysterious wizards seek out the hidden secrets of the world.

A world of adventure awaits, how will you shape the history of the world.